How to Allergy Proof Your Life

Dr. Todd Born, Naturopathic Doctor & Co-Founder of Born Naturopathic Associates, is the guest on this week’s episode “Allergies: What’s Your Reaction”  and has shared these easy tips with us on how to allergy proof your life.


Pillows: place in the dryer on High heat for 20 minutes, weekly.
Linens:  wash in hot water, weekly.  If you use bleach, use chlorine free.
Carpet:  vacuum weekly, preferably with one that contains a HEPA filter.
Shelves:  wipe down with a moist cloth, not dry.  Do this weekly.
Windows and sills:  clean at least monthly with a 10% chlorine free bleach solution, 90% water.  Let soak for 5 minutes, and then clean.
HEPA filters:  place a few of these around the home and run at night.
Houseplants:  These are nature’s air filters.  Great resource is “How to Grow Fresh Air,” by Wolverton.
Humidifier:  For those that live in drier climates, using these in their bedrooms while sleeping will not only improve skin, but keep sinuses moist and less irritated.
Candles:  avoid using petroleum based candles.  These produce Benzene when lit and this is a known carcinogen.  Instead, you can use soy candles.
Cleaning products:  consider making your own household cleaners if you can’t afford the “natural” ones.

Great resources are “Home Safe Home,” by Dadd, or “Better Basics for the Home,” by Berthold-Bond. You can also listen to “Cleaning House: Save Time, Money and Your Health with Nontoxic Solutions


Dogs:  wash monthly and brush weekly.
Cats:  clean litter box daily and brush cat weekly.  Every other week, completely empty litter box and soak with chlorine free bleach for 30 minutes.  Wash and redo the litter.
Birds:  clean out cage at least every other day.  Pick up feathers as soon as possible.

Image: Shoehorn99

Image: Shoehorn99



– Wash hands with warm soap and water often.  Don’t use antibacterial soap.
– Avoid touching face with your hands at all times.
– Wear a mask when cleaning the home and taking care of the pets as above.
Consider daily or every other day, nasal irrigation with a Neti Pot or NeilMed and saline water.  Can add 1/8 teaspoon of ground Goldenseal powder, or Xylitol powder, or Quercetin powder, or 4 drops of essential oils of Thyme or Eucalyptus.  All of the above is for 16 oz of warm saline solution and using 8 oz lavaged for each nostril.  Make sure to use filtered water.
– Avoid known food, pet and environmental triggers.
– Eat honey that is as local as possible.  Also consider eating bee pollen, but make sure it’s local.  You can start with 1/4-1/2 teaspoon daily. Avoid giving infants under the age of 1 any honey products.
– Buy fragrance and chemical free cleansers, soaps, shampoos, etc., as often as possible. Check the Environmental Working Group’s Cosmetic Database



Compiled by Todd A. Born, ND (April 2011; updated Jan 2013)

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