The Secrets of Biodynamic Agriculture:

Recognizing Farms as Individual Organisms

Air Date: 8/22/09


Katrina Frey,

Owner of Frey Vineyards, and President of Demeter, USA

Basins of Relations:

Our Dependence on our Watersheds

Air Date: 8/15/09


Of The Good Earth:

A Retail Store Celebrating 40 Years of Leadership

Air Date: 8/8/09


Al Baylacq,

Good Earth Co-Owner

Mark Mulcahy

Retail and Produce Expert

The Nectar of Life:

The Intricate World of Honey Bees

Air Date: 8/1/09


Karen Peteros,

President, San Francisco Beekeepers Association

Mia Draper,

Owner, Draper Farms

Doug Vincent,

Owner, Beekind Honey

Growing Democracy:

An In-Depth Look at Inner-City Food Justice Initiatives

Air Date: 7/25/09


Jason Harvey,

Founder/Executive Director of Oakland Food Connection

Shereen D’Souza,

Director of California Food and Justice Coalition

Willow Rosenthal,

Founding Director of City Slicker Farms in West Oakland

The Poetry of the Land: Air Date: 7/18/09


Lisa Hamilton,

Food and Agriculture writer, photographer, and author of the new book Deeply Rooted.

Changing the World – One Cart at a Time:

The re-emergence of organic food carts on the streets of our cities

Air Date: 7/11/09


Creme Brulee Cart

Celebrating In(ter)dependence Day:

A portrait of Buddhist Retreat Center Green Gulch Farm, Muir Beach, California

Air Date: 7/4/11


Sara Tashker,

Green Gulch Farm Manager

Paul Dillon,

Farm Staff

Alan Meyer,

Farm Apprentice 2009

Joanna Letz,

Farm Apprentice 2009

Tempted by the Fruit of Another:

Celebrating Farmers Markets and the 2009 Harvest Season

Air Date: 6/27/09


Mark Mulcahy,

Produce Expert

Gail Hayden,

Director of California Farmers Markets Association

In Vino Veritas:

The Art and Work of Growing Wine

Air Date: 6/2009


Tom Stubbs,

Owner, Stubbs Vineyard, Petaluma, CA.

For the Love of Produce: Air Date: 6/13/09


Mark Mulcahy,

Produce Expert, Radio Show Host

Mother Nature:

Femininity, Creation, and Leadership

Air Date: 6/6/09


Kimberly Pinkson,

Founder, Ecomom Alliance

Peter Martinelli,

Owner, Fresh Run Farm, Bolinas, CA

Natural Law – Federal Law:

A Closer Look at Organic Practices and Organic Standards

Air Date: 5/30/09


Stacy Carlsen,

Agricultural Commissioner Marin County, California.

Brian R. Leahy,

Assistant Director, Division of Land Resource Protection, CA Department of Conservation.

Healing Stories:

Iraq War Veterans Working On Organic Farms

Air Date: 5/23/09


Michael O’Gorman,

Executive Director, Farmer-Veteran Coalition.

Gone Fishing…Fishing Gone?:

Sustainable seafood choices from shell to plate.

Air Date: 5/16/09


Kenny Belov,

Owner, Fish. Restaurant in Sausilito, CA; Founder of Truly Sustainable Choices Seafood List, and No Farmed Salmon Pledge awareness campaign for restaurants.

Dan McGovern,

Seafood expert; Founder of Sustainable Food News.

Kevin Lunny,

Owner and Founder of Drake's Bay Family Foods; including Lunny Ranch and Drake's Bay Oyster Company.

They are what they eat:

Local and National Efforts to Increase the Quality of School Lunches for Kids

Air Date: 5/9/09


Gail Feenstra,

Food Systems Analyst, UC Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education Program & UC Davis Agricultural Sustainability Institute.

Debra Eschmeyer,

Marketing and Media Director, National Farm to School Network.

Miguel Villarreal,

Director, Food and Nutritional Services, Novato Unified School District, District Wellness Coordinator, Public Policy & Legislative Chair, CSNA.

Scott Davidson,

Marin Organic School Lunch & Gleaning Program Manager.

The Future of Food: Air Date: 5/2/09


Jesse Cool,

Chef and owner of Flea St. Cafe, Menlo Park, The Cool Cafe, Stanford University Cantor Arts Center, Cooleatz Catering, and opening late June - The Cool Cafe at Menlo Business Park.

David Escobar,

Director and Tribal Advocate of Three Nations Indian Circle for the Lenca-Poton and Nahuat communities of Guatajiagua and Maquilizhuat of Central America.

Warren Weber,

Star Route Farms in Bolinas, Marin County, the oldest continuously certified organic farm in California.