Making Your Life More Vanilla:

Simple, Sweet & Sustainable

Air Date: 5/2/15


Nathaniel Delafield,

CEO & Co-Founder, LAFAZA, Oakland, CA

James Delafield,

CPO & Co-Founder, LAFAZA, Oakland, CA

Vanilla has become a synonym for plain and predictable. Yet this spice has one of the most special stories you've never heard. Travel with us in Malagasy stories and develop a new appreciation for the orchid that produces one of the most fundamental flavors of modern cuisine.
The Three Season Diet:

An Ayurvedic Approach to Weightloss

Air Date: 4/25/15


Dr. John Douillard,

Ayurvedic Practitioner & Founder, LifeSpa, Boulder, CO

Emma Frisch,

Author & Chef, Frisch Kitchen, Ithaca, NY

The science of Ayurveda teaches us how to live in balance with our own nature and with nature around us. By eating detoxifying foods in the spring, hydrating foods in the summer, and grounding foods in the winter, we follow the seasonal rhythms of the harvest and of our own bodies.
Moving Past the Lawn:

Environmental Landscaping

Air Date: 04/11/15


Evelyn Hadden,

Founder, Less Lawn, Minneapolis, MN

A look at front and backyard gardens, sustainable approaches to garden design, and everything we can do to make our summertime in the garden as fun and as ecologically and environmentally friendly as possible.
Meow, Woof, Chirp Chirp:

Integrative Pet Care

Air Date: 04/04/15


Dr. Allen Schoen, MS DVM, Ph.D.,

Alternative and Integrative Veterinarian, The Kindred Spirits Project, Vancouver, B.C.

What is the most holistic approach to making sure our pets are healthy and happy? From diet to flea prevention to exercise - we take a look at how we can treat and take care of our animals naturally.
Planting Hope:

Reversing Deforestation and Poverty through Education

Air Date: 3/28/15


Florence Reed,

Founder & President, Sustainable Harvest International, Ellsworth, ME

By combining fair trade principles and humanitarian work, the incredible efforts of one non-profit empower small-scale Central American farmers to make a living and produce a healthier harvest.
Hip Hop Goes Green:

The Impact of Music & Message

Air Date: 3/21/15


Keith Tucker,

Producer, Pursuit of a Green Planet, Seattle, WA

What do a music movement and a food movement have in common? The power to change the face of obesity, encourage living sustainably and instilling healthy habits in our youth. Tune in this week to hear how one program is using hip hop as a tool for change.
A Journey to Wholeness:

The Relationship Between Faith & Psychology

Air Date: 03/14/15


Dr. J Pittman McGehee,

Episcopal Priest & Jungian Analyst, Inner Journey Retreats

This hour goes beyond spirituality into what Jung called "the privilege of a lifetime" - "to become who you truly are." Join us as we explore the opportunity for personal growth within yourself and through community.
Sunshine, Soil, Water & Love:

A Story of the World’s Seed Supply

Air Date: 03/07/15


Sean Kaminsky,

Director & Producer, Open Sesame: The Story of Seeds, New York, NY

The vast majority of seeds is now in the hands of a few multinational companies. Why is that an issue? This week we look at the the implications for farmers, the Earth, and our plate and the critical importance of seed sovereignty.
What’s in Season:

Tropical Fruit

Air Date: 2/28/15


Earl Herrick,

Founder & Owner, Earl's Organic Produce

Bring the flavor of the tropics into your home today. In this hour we look at the climates that provide us these nutrient-dense fruits, how to choose for flavor, how to cut and store, and much more.
Natural Spring Cleaning:

Planning for a Healthy Year at Home

Air Date: 2/21/15


Amy Kolb Noyes,

Author, Nontoxic Housecleaning, Lake Elmore, VT

Join us as we uncover the simplest plan - and equally simple recipes - for the once-a-year ritual of Spring Cleaning. Don't be daunted: you'll have fun, save money, and keep your home toxin-free.
Racing Towards Green:

New Ideas for Sustainable Sporting Events

Air Date: 02/07/15


Keith Peters,

Executive Director, Council for Responsible Sport, Portland, OR

An exploration of what communities and people can do to make our sporting get togethers more inclusive while reducing our ecological footprint.
B a Force For Good:

The Rise of Transparent Business

Air Date: 1/24/15


Ryan Honeyman,

Author, The B Corp Handbook, SF Bay Area

Already 1200 strong, a growing movement of businesses is setting the standard for a new world economy, and it includes people, the planet, and profit. Tune in to discover how they are maximizing positive impact beyond their products and how the work you do can begin to the change the world.

What’s Your Reaction?

Air Date: 1/10/15


Dr. Todd Born,

Naturopathic Doctor & Co-Owner, Born Naturopathic Associates, Alameda, CA

Learn how to differentiate between allergies, intolerances, and sensitivities in this hour as we look at possible causes for reactions and what we can do about them.
Vitamins & Minerals:

What Do YOU Need?

Air Date: 1/3/15


Erin Livers,

Integrative Clinical Nutrition Therapist, Bauman College, Boulder, CO

Matching the topic of biochemical individuality with the world of nutrients, particularly vitamins and minerals, an expert joins the AOC Team to discuss how a person's physical and genetic landscape affect their personal nutritional needs.
The World of Spices:

History, Culture, Uses & Benefits

Air Date: 12/27/14


John Chansari,

Founder, Spicely Organics, Fremont, CA

In this episode we celebrate the truly breathtaking world of spices, a precious commodity that has been traded for thousands of years between cultures and countries. Come on this journey with the AOC Team and explore the health benefits and culinary uses of spices.
Holidays Reimagined:

Gifts that Money Can’t Buy

Air Date: 12/20/14


The AOC Team

More than “presents,” the spirit of the season is “presence.” This year, get inspired to gift creatively rather than commercially. Join the AOC Team for a fun and non-traditional approach to gift-giving.

A World of Creativity

Air Date: 12/13/14


Kasey Caletti,

Holistic Chef, San Francisco, CA

As holiday routines begin, we turn to the cherished tradition of Cookies and learn about the many ways to prepare these delights. From baking to decorating to holistic ingredients, this week everything’s on the table.
Wick to Wax:

The Art of Natural Candlemaking

Air Date: 12/06/14


Lori Nova Endres,

Founder, Co-Owner & Teacher, The Nova Studio, SF Bay Area, CA

Learn the components of candlemaking, from choosing your materials to making use of every last bit of wax. This episode features step-by-step instructions for creating the lovely light we associate with the holidays.
Healing Bodies, Healing Hearts:

One Meal at a Time

Air Date: 11/29/14


Cathryn Couch,

Executive Director, The Ceres Community Project, Sebastopol, CA

Much more than an effort to cook healthy meals, The Ceres Community Project has become a national model for building a true social network - supporting, nourishing, and educating communities.
The Life of Pie:

Baking a Slice of Joy

Air Date: 11/22/14

From savory to sweet, for many pie means “home.” Dive into an hour of pie whispering - from the perfect crust to pie for every time of day and year, learn about holistic and alternative baking and how to bake the perfect pie.

Using Nature as a Catalyst for Conflict Resolution

Air Date: 11/8/14


Ana Patel,

Executive Director, Outward Bound Center for Peacebuilding, New York, NY

There is some beautiful and critical work being done around the world to drop the perceptions, beliefs and assumptions that we all carry around when it comes to gender, ethnicity, religion, income, social status, color - and whatever else we may choose to differentiate or separate ourselves from others. Join us as one organization shares stories from its programs, showing us the change that can occur when we no longer living in the confinement of our roles. What can happen when we use nature as a common ground?
Pet Adoption:

From Homelessness to Happiness

Air Date: 11/01/14


Temma Martin,

Public Relations Specialist, Best Friends Animal Society, Kanab, UT

Some of the most important relationships we can have are with animals. Especially this time of year, many people consider adopting a pet. Tune in to learn some critical questions to ask and tips for what can - and most likely will be - a life-changing experience.
Redefining Retail:

Natural Food Stores as Resource Centers for Health

Air Date: 10/25/14


Earl Herrick,

Founder & Owner, Earl's Organic Produce, San Francisco, CA

Dan Arnett,

General Manager, Central Co-op, Seattle, WA

Natural food stores are truly community resource centers, addressing personal health, community health, offering culinary connections and help steer the future of sustainable agriculture. An Organic Conversation recently hosted a seminar and invited health food store managers, organic farmers and other leaders of the health food movement whom together addressed the question of what is possible.
What’s in Season?:

The Final Taste of Summer

Air Date: 10/18/14


Earl Herrick,

Founder & Owner, Earl's Organic Produce, San Francisco, CA

Late summer is a transition time for farming and produce. Walk the produce dock and the fields with us as we explore the final taste of summer. Seasonal produce - what to look for, what to consider, how to buy it, store it, and what to do at home.
Culture Shift:

Making Fermented Foods at Home

Air Date: 10/11/14


Karen Diggs,

Founder, Kraut Source, San Francisco, CA

Following up on an episode with Sandor Katz, explore the world of kraut even further, learning how to make fermented foods at home. This episode will guide you through the health benefits and the process of saving fresh produce, giving you the tools to prepare you for fermentation.