Economic Empowerment:

LIFE Jackets for Disparity

Air Date: 09/27/14


Zane Wilemon,

Founder & Executive Director, CTC International, Austin, TX

The way we love changes the world. So does the way we shop. Be a part of a conversation about the impact one dollar – when put in the right place – can have.


Air Date: 09/13/14


Pete Guinosso,

Pete G. Yoga, San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Whether you’re a beginner, have never tried yoga, or practice regularly, this hour is dedicated to stretching your mind, body and perspective. Explore with the AOC Team the rich history, significance, and vast health benefits of yoga.

Applying Nature’s Genius

Air Date: 8/30/14


Janine Benyus,

Co-founder, Biomimicry 3.8, Montana

Discover how Nature, in her infinite wisdom, and 4 billion years of evolution provide brilliant solutions in our quest for greater sustainability.
Eat Well, Live Long:

Food for Longevity

Air Date: 8/23/14


Rebecca Katz,

Author, The Longevity Kitchen, San Rafael, CA

Is there a fountain of youth? This week, the AOC Team looks at which foods we can weave into our daily diet for health and long-term wellness.
When Women Were Birds:

A Conversation with Terry Tempest Williams

Air Date: 08/16/14


Terry Tempest Williams,

Author, When Women Were Birds, Moose, Wyoming

How is the feminine voice heard, suppressed, or cultivated in today's society? Join us for insight from one of America's great writers, Terry Tempest Williams, When Women Were Birds.
Superfood Seaweed:

Nourishment from the Ocean

Air Date: 08/02/14


Barbara Stephens-Lewallen,

Founder, Mendocino Sea Vegetable Company, Philo, CA

John Stephens-Lewallen,

Founder, Mendocino Sea Vegetable Company, Philo, CA

Harvesting sea vegetables is an old tradition and staple in many diets. Seaweed provides nourishment from the ocean, but what do consumers need to be aware of when it comes to choosing the right seaweed in regard to personal and environmental health? Learn how to include these vegetables in your diet.
Healing Inflammation:

A Dietary Guide to Pain-Free Living

Air Date: 7/26/14


Julie Daniluk,

Author, Meals that Heal Inflammation, Toronto, Ontario

Accompanied by a leading expert, the AOC Team looks at the sources of chronic inflammation, such as allergies, identifying symptoms and how you can change your diet to take the steps toward a delicious pain-free life.
Men’s Sexual Health:

A Holistic Approach

Air Date: 07/19/14


Dr. Sharyn Allyson LAc,

Founder, Acupuncture for Men's Health, Nationwide

There are topics that are of fundamental significance that are less frequently discussed in the public. This week we take a look at men's sexual health and intimacy. We explore the causes of certain issues, such as erectile dysfunction, that men and their partners deal with. Learn about holistic approaches and opportunities to address these issues, pursuing optimal health.
Drought in California:

The Effect on the Nation’s Food Supply

Air Date: 07/12/14


Earl Herrick,

Founder & Owner, Earl's Organic Produce, San Francisco, CA

California, along with many other states, is experiencing the worst drought on record. Typically a topic discussed in agriculture, this episode dives into how the drought directly and indirectly affects our plates and kitchen tables.
Forks Over Knives:

A Compelling Case for Veganism

Air Date: 6/21/14


Dr. Pam Popper,

Naturopath, Forks Over Knives, Columbus, OH

An empowering discussion about how to prevent disease and cultivate lasting wellness with a plant-based diet. Vegan or vegetarian? Learn about the healthy alternatives.
Eating Sugar:

The Culture of Fermentation

Air Date: 6/14/14


Sandor Katz,

Author, The Art of Fermentation, Cannon County, TN

A practice in nearly every culture across the world for thousands of years, the AOC team speaks with the foremost expert about the art, process, benefits, and history of fermentation. Fermented foods are in fact, some of the healthiest.
Raising the Nurturing Father:

A Journey of Healing and Hope

Air Date: 6/7/14


Mark Perlman,

Founder, The Nurturing Father's Program, Sarasota, FL

Cory Perlman,

Teacher, The Nurturing Father's Program, Atlanta, GA

A father-son duo whose work empowers dads to find their role as fully integrated, loving caregivers within their families – and society. Celebrate Father's Day today and every day.
Healing with Herbs:

The Wisdom of Ancient Remedies

Air Date: 5/31/14


Kami McBride,

Author, The Herbal Kitchen, Sonoma, CA

Rediscover Mother Nature's brilliant engineering and the intelligence of herbs to promote well-being in our daily lives. Use herbs as medicine for optimal health.
From Hands to Hearts:

Crafting with a Cause

Air Date: 5/24/14


Amy Berman,

Founder, The Mother Bear Project, Minneapolis, MN

A moving story about how the inspiration of one moment became an international symbol of hope and love for children affected with HIV/Aids in emerging countries.

Digging Into the Foundation of Life

Air Date: 5/17/14


Stephen Andrews,

Soil Scientist & Natural Resources Educator, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA

Did you know there are a billion micro-organisms in a teaspoon of healthy organic soil? Explore the magical world underneath our feet and understand soil as one of nature’s greatest gifts of creation.
Peak Performance:

Nutrition for Athletes

Air Date: 5/10/14


Scott Jurek,

Ultramarathoner, Boulder, CO

Dr. Enette Larson-Meyer,

Professor, University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY

What choices contribute to optimal health for a physically fit lifestyle? From macro-nutrients to micro-nutrients to hydration, this hour discusses what is required by all active bodies and what role bio-individuality plays in your diet.
Cleaning House:

Save Time, Money & Your Health with Nontoxic Solutions

Air Date: 4/19/14


Amy Kolb Noyes,

Author, Nontoxic Cleaning, Stowe, VT

Karl Robillard,

Communications & Outreach Manager, St. Anthony Foundation, San Francisco, CA

Debunking the myth that nontoxic cleaners are less effective, this week we look at what works for every room of the house and how to make your own with a few pantry staples.

Health and Harvest

Air Date: 4/12/14


Dr. Bruce Fife,

Founder, The Coconut Research Center, Colorado Springs, CO

From coconut milk to meat to water, coconut products are everywhere in the market. Are they good for us? What’s the environmental impact of coconut production? An exploration of coconuts in this tropical hour.
Planting a Seed:

Gardening Advice for the Novice

Air Date: 4/5/14


Derek Fell,

Author, Grow This!, Pipersville, PA

Ever wanted to start a garden but really didn’t know how? Do it this year - from windowsill to backyard, from herbs to flowers to vegetables
The Natural Baby:

Get ‘Em Started Right

Air Date: 3/29/14


Dr. Debby Hamilton, MD, MSPH,

Holistic Pediatrician, Holistic Pediatric Consulting, Boulder, CO

Everything we can do to make the time before and after birth the most healthy, happy and enjoyable time for both mother and baby.

The True Power of Love

Air Date: 3/15/14


Susan Gillis Chapman,

Author & Family Therapist, The Five Keys to Mindful Communication, Vancouver, B.C.

*Originally Aired on 3/24/12

Exploring what it means to truly listen to ourselves, our loved ones and nature, and the lifelong benefits of an attentive relationship with the world
Holistic Nutrition:

How Alternative Became Mainstream

Air Date: 03/01/14


Ed Bauman,

Founder & Director, Bauman College, Penngrove, CA

Karen Rotstein,

Executive Director, Bauman College, Penngrove, CA

For 25 years, Bauman College has helped change the dialogue from food as fuel to food as medicine. Join us as we look at the evolution of nutrition and how society is now recognizing the power of food.
Camino de Santiago:

A Walk to Remember

Air Date: 2/22/14


Lydia B. Smith,

Director & Producer, Walking the Camino, Portland, OR

This week the AOC Team speaks with the filmmaker of a new documentary that follows six people on a thousands-year-old pilgrimage and explores the path we are all taking in life, the path to Self.
The History of Earl’s Organic:

Outgrowing Conventional for 25 Years

Air Date: 02/15/14


Earl Herrick,

Founder & Owner, Earl's Organic Produce, San Francisco, CA

Patrick Stewart,

Director of Operations, Earl's Organic Produce, San Francisco, CA

Join us in this celebration of all things organic as we reflect with an early pioneer on the beginnings of the real food movement.
Story for All:

Creating Connection Through Words

Air Date: 2/8/14


Angela Zusman,

President, Story for All, Oakland, CA

In the grand tradition of oral history, a new non-profit invites communities to preserve their culture through storytelling and promotes shared understanding that brings us all together.