Sacred Grounds:

Protecting the Relationship to Place

Air Date: 11/02/13


Christopher "Toby" McLeod,

Producer & Director, Standing on Sacred Ground, Berkeley, CA

Caleen Sisk ,

Spiritual Leader & Tribal Chief, Winnemem Wintu Tribe, Mt. Shasta, CA

Join us for an important discussion about the rapid loss of sacred sites around the world, its impact on indigenous and modern communities, and what we can do to protect the land that gives us life.
Preserving the Harvest:

It’s Easier Than You Think

Air Date: 10/26/13


Ruby Blume,

Founder & Headmistress, Institute of Urban Homesteading, Oakland, CA

Celebrate the bounty at the market with easy and versatile preservation tips that allow you to enjoy your favorite fruits and vegetables long after their season has past.
Conscientious Candy:

Tips for a Healthier Halloween

Air Date: 10/19/13


The AOC Hosts

In this episode, the AOC Team discusses nutritional, environmental, and social concerns with commercial candy and uncovers the alternatives that still allow for a delicious and indulgent holiday.
Putting Your Garden to Bed:

Valuable Preparations for Winter and Spring

Air Date: 10/12/13


Cheryl Long,

Editor-in-Chief, Mother Earth News, Topeka, KS

Tune in to learn about what you should do now to feel your soil for better production in the Spring and which crops can even yield produce through the Winter.
Hello Harvest:

Produce Picks for the Season

Air Date: 10/5/13


Earl Herrick,

Found & Owner, Earl's Organic Produce, San Francisco, CA

It's the most abundant time of the year, and this week looks at how to buy right, find the best flavor, and get more life out of late Fall's favored fruits and vegetables.
Bee in This World:

Understanding the Collapse of Honeybee Colonies

Air Date: 9/28/13


Jennifer Sass,

Senior Scientist, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Washington, D.C.

Largely unseen but absolutely vital to a balanced world ecology, this episode looks at the role bees play in our everyday lives, the imminent threat of the species, and what we can do to ensure their survival.

An Exploration of Animals in Captivity

Air Date: 9/21/13


Dr. Jeffrey Ventre,

Blackfish Cast Member & Former SeaWorld Trainer, Blackfish, Yakima, WA

Dru Rivers ,

Co-Owner, Full Belly Farm, Guinda, CA

An important new documentary prompts the question about the morality of animals used for entertainment and animals used for education.
May All Be Fed:

The “Pay What You Can” Restaurant

Air Date: 8/31/13


Denise Cerreta,

Founder, One World Everybody Eats Foundation, Idaho Falls, ID

Abandoning all convention, one restauranteur asks guests to price their own meals, and her success sparks international interest.
What’s Their Purpose?:

A Better Understanding of Bugs

Air Date: 8/24/13


Dr. Dave Kavanaugh,

Chairman & Senior Curator, Department of Entomology, California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, CA

In Nature there are no mistakes; yet there are plenty of little critters that annoy us to such an extent that we can’t help wondering - what’s their purpose?
What Happens in Washington … Affects Us All:

Food Policy Updates

Air Date: 8/17/13


Genna Reed,

Lead Researcher, Food & Water Watch, Washington, D.C.

Find out what our legislators are doing to establish the people’s will on pressing issues that affect kitchen tables around the world and what you can do to make sure your voice is heard
Healthy Junk Food:

Satisfy Your Cravings Naturally

Air Date: 08/03/13


Jimmy Wilson,

Nutrition Program Director, Bauman College, Penn Grove, CA

Can the same formulas for fat, salt, sugar, and crunch, used to create addictive unhealthy snacks, be applied to replicate your favorite guilty pleasure foods in a wholesome way?
The G8 Summit:

Addressing a World’s Agenda

Air Date: 07/27/13


Caroline Bracht,

Senior Researcher, The G8 Research Group, Toronto, Canada

Every year, leaders from 8 of the world’s largest economies come together to define the economic agenda and path for the entire world. What does that mean to us? Tune in to find out.
Old Wives’ Tales:

Legendary Remedies

Air Date: 7/20/13


The AOC Hosts

We've all heard them, but do these famous folk medicines really work? Find out in this week's episode.
Stay Cool:

With or Without Ice

Air Date: 07/13/13


The AOC Hosts

Beat the heat with these tips on what to eat, drink, wear and do when the temperatures soar
Youth Activists:

The Next Generation of Change

Air Date: 07/06/13


Rhiannon Tomtishen,

Founder, Project ORANGS, Ann Arbor, MI

Madison Vorva,

Founder, Project ORANGS, Ann Arbor, MI

Regardless of age, prepare to be moved by this story of two young girls who set out to change the world and inspired adults and businesses around them to follow suit. Role models come from all walks of life.
What Would Nature Do?:

Answers and Solutions for Success in Life

Air Date: 6/29/13


Kari Hohne,

Author, Nothing Bad Happens in Life: Nature's Way of Success, Tahoe, CA

An exploration of the literal and metaphorical wisdom given to us by Nature that can guide us to deeper happiness and understanding of self.
First Date Foods:

Keeping Romance on the Menu

Air Date: 6/22/13


The AOC Hosts

What do you need to assess before the big night out? We’ll help you navigate what to order, how to prepare, and how it might influence those two hours together which have the potential to become many more meals in the future.
When the Sun Stands Still:

A Celebration of Solstice

Air Date: 6/15/13


Dr. Vivianne Crowley,

Professor & Wiccan Author, Cherry Hill Seminary, Columbia, SC

This hour looks at time-honored traditions of acknowledging the bounty brought by the Sun and reflecting on the light and dark within us all
What’s In Season?:

The Bounty of Early Summer Produce

Air Date: 6/1/13


Earl Herrick,

Founder, Earl's Organic Produce, San Francisco, CA

Learn about this year’s best bets at the market, what’s still good from Spring, and which fruits and vegetables are worth waiting for
Animal Rights:

Defining the Greatness of a Nation

Air Date: 05/25/13


Steven M. Wise,

Founder, The Nonhuman Rights Project, Coral Springs, FL

From pets to livestock to wildlife, this hour looks at how animals in this country are protected - and what their liberties say about us
Growing a Philosophy:

The Art & Science of Biodynamic

Air Date: 5/18/13


Jonathan Frey,

Original Winemaker & General Manager, Frey Vineyards, Mendocino, CA

Much less familiar than organic, and in some ways much older, discover the meaning and spirituality behind biodynamic production.
Dear Mom:

Giving Thanks for Giving Life

Air Date: 5/4/13


Ellen Hellberg, Helge's Mother, Germany

Catherine Mulcahy, Mark's Mother, California

Margaret Chojnacki, Sitarani's Mother, Hawaii

This week the AOC Hosts call their moms on-air to hear their wisdom and advice on motherhood
Serving Our Country:

Military Veterans in Agriculture

Air Date: 4/13/13


Mike Walgrave,

Army Veteran, Farmer Veteran Coalition, Davis, CA

Join the AOC Team for a touching discussion about service - from the frontline to the farm - and sustainable agriculture’s power to heal
Food Waste In America:

A Question of Value

Air Date: 4/6/13


Jonathan Bloom,

Author, American Wasteland, Durham, NC

Between field and plate, almost half of all of the food we produce in this country is wasted. This week, the AOC Team looks at habits and regulations that put food in our landfills rather than in our stomachs
How Green Is the Internet?:

Understanding Our Impact, Virtually

Air Date: 3/30/13


Patrick Forden,

CEO, Percepticon, Walnut Creek, CA

Our ability to be online everywhere at all times comes at an environmental price that will surprise you. Hear the true story of the Internet and wireless communications as well as what we can do about it this week