Food Waste In America:

A Question of Value

Air Date: 4/6/13


Jonathan Bloom,

Author, American Wasteland, Durham, NC

Between field and plate, almost half of all of the food we produce in this country is wasted. This week, the AOC Team looks at habits and regulations that put food in our landfills rather than in our stomachs
How Green Is the Internet?:

Understanding Our Impact, Virtually

Air Date: 3/30/13


Patrick Forden,

CEO, Percepticon, Walnut Creek, CA

Our ability to be online everywhere at all times comes at an environmental price that will surprise you. Hear the true story of the Internet and wireless communications as well as what we can do about it this week
Emerging Trends:

Organic Around the Globe

Air Date: 3/9/13


Returning from the world's largest organic food conference, the AOC Team forecasts what we can expect to see on our shelves and the vital role we play in the global organic marketplace
Cutting Edge Organic:

Health and Convenience Delivered

Air Date: 2/23/13


Peter Van Stolk,

CEO, SPUD, San Francisco, CA

Gone are the days of painstakingly searching for organic. Now - organic comes to you! From organic juicing boxes to organic baby boxes, find out what’s hip and handy and delivered straight to your door
The Cost of Growth:

Navigating a Foodopoly

Air Date: 2/16/13


Wenonah Hauter,

Author, Foodopoly, Washington, D.C.

Growth needs to be managed responsibly. Join us as we discuss the current state of the organic marketplace and what actions will maintain the integrity of our mission
Pounds of Wisdom:

How Nutritional Knowledge is Shaping Society

Air Date: 2/9/13


Marlina Eckel,

Associate Director, Bauman College, Penngrove, CA

Health education has become a national point of interest. From HR managers to family counselors, tune in to discover how understanding nutrition brings added value to your work
Safer Food?:

A Close Look at New FDA Regulations

Air Date: 2/2/13


Ken Kimes,

Founder, New Natives, Freedom, CA

As we enter the brief public comment period for new FDA Food Regulations, the AOC Team looks at what’s being asked of farmers and how the new rules affect you
Comparing Apples with Oranges:

A Produce Review Between the Seasons

Air Date: 01/26/13


Earl Herrick,

Founder, Earl's Organic Produce, San Francisco, CA

Learn how to discern the season's best produce and find the best value in your produce aisle
The Change Within:

Sustaining Intentions and Resolutions

Air Date: 1/19/12


The AOC Team

A look at New Year’s Resolution in a holistic way may help you to honor your intention throughout the year. Join us as we explores the meaning behind these annual commitments

The Beauty of New Beginnings

Air Date: 1/12/13


Caroline Casey,

Visionary Activist, Coyote Networks, Cabin John, MD

Harvest the potential of the year with our annual episode dedicated to deeper understanding of the scientific and mystical forces at work in the world

Diving Into the World of Silence

Air Date: 1/5/13


Pierre-Yves Cousteau,

Founder & President, Cousteau Divers, Paris, France

So rarely revered for its depth, beauty, and complexity, dive with us into the fragile ecosystem of the ocean and learn how to become a great steward of the sea