History of the Washington Navel Orange

Image: GoodVeg

If you are enjoying navel oranges right now,  no matter where you live, you might be interested to know that it took a bit of a journey for navels to get be where they are today:  one of the most popular oranges in the country. From Bahia, Brazil to Riverside, California – that’s how far… Read more »

Healthy Travel Snacks

Image: The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen

Out and about? Whether traveling by car or plane, our eating routines are often subject to whatever is available at the kiosk or drive-thru. Plan ahead and pack any of the following things to make sure you’re getting good nutrients while en route this year.  Car: Whole wheat wraps – these are easy to roll… Read more »

Winter Pears for Every Meal

Image: Mama's Gotta Bake

Many exciting different produce items are ready for good winter eating: sweet potatoes, navel oranges, Satsuma mandarins, the selection goes on and on. Something that you don’t want to overlook is the selection of winter pears. Yes, you’ve seen organic pears in your department for a few months but there’s something special about pears this… Read more »