Springtime Citrus is a Treat, and Worth the Wait!

Image: Birite Market

I had a peak moment just the other day sitting in the sunshine eating an orange and a tangerine thinking how good they tasted. It wasn’t so long ago that Mandarin oranges and tangerines were reserved for the winter table. Today, with more varieties available, the season extends into spring, and all kinds of citrus fruit have a regular place… Read more »

Spring Clean Your Closet

closet main image

I have what I think of as a rather American propensity to accumulate “stuff” – particularly clothing, shoes, and beauty products. I like to think that I have a discerning eye and a strong will against the persuasions of advertising, but when I see something beautiful and sustainable, I can easily rationalize how it will… Read more »

How to Cook with Leeks

Image: Sun Warrior

If you turn a leek with its hairy end up, it looks sort of like a crown or the top of a scepter, which may be one reason this delicious allium is called the “king of the soup onion.” It could also be because Emperor Nero is said to have eaten leeks every day to make his voice stronger…. Read more »