Any Way You Slice It

apples browning

If you’ve ever put cut apples in your lunch or served them on a plate as an afternoon snack, you’ve most likely noticed that some browning of the flesh starts to occur not long after they have been cut. Many of us take this as a normal part eating fresh organic apples… but have you ever wondered why… Read more »

A Carrot is a Memory Stick

Image: Tips about Gardening

A carrot seed is less than half a millimeter in diameter; a tiny speck of dirt, dust in the wind. And yet it contains millions of years of DNA, intelligence that, once put into soil with a bit of water, turns the seed into a big, orange, healthy, nutrient rich, delicious, bioflavonoid packed, eye disease preventing vegetable. And if… Read more »

My Favorite Dairy Substitutes


The first thing people say to me when contemplating whether or not to give up dairy is: “But I could never live without cheese.” I sympathize with that concern, but having followed a plant-based lifestyle for years now, I feel it’s really just a matter of knowing your options. As a chef, I’ve explored the… Read more »