A Vacation Can Start with Produce


Does January have you wishing for warmer weather and looking for some excitement in the daily routine? Well, if you are like most folks around the country, the answer is probably a resounding “YES!” You could take a tropical vacation to some exotic location with swaying palms and warm blue water, right? But that may… Read more »

Avocado & Dijon Toast


An ultimate breakfast food. Simple, healthy and delicious. Recipe: Mash one avocado Mix with dijon mustard to taste (*optional: add fresh horseradish) Spread on toast Sprinkle with capers and top with baby arugula Enjoy!    

The Space Between Exhale and Inhale


Usually, breathing is referred to as inhale and exhale. But when we relax and pay attention, we’ll find that there is a third part, a space in-between the time of the exhale and the inhale – a pause, a few seconds, a space in time when there is nothing, a moment during which the world inside of us quiets…. Read more »