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Organic For All – Episode 1, Strawberries

Hey fans! This is the first episode of “Organic For All” a web video show that Helge and Mark are launching to make organic accessible. In short segments they will talk about organic food and organic produce — how to pick it, buy it on a budget, store it, and even get into how to… Read more »

Eat your Citrus Every Day – And the White Stuff, Too!

Hundreds of different bioflavonoids have been identified in fruits and vegetables in recent years, and are extra abundant in the skin of citrus. Given that we didn’t know much about them just a few years ago, it seems fair to assume that there might be thousands. Bioflavonoids assist in the absorption and biochemical availability of… Read more »

Not to Take Anything For Granted

Living in Northern California, this year’s Cherry season was extremely short. Late rains at the wrong time – just a few days before harvest –let the fruit split and made it unfit for the market. I remembered a similar year last year with blackberries, there were almost none, blackberries that this year hang abundantly in… Read more »

The Flavor of Language

A couple of years ago I met a man from Lapland – which is the northern part of Sweden and Finnland – at Terra Madre, a gathering of food communities from around the world in Torino, Italy, organized by Slow Food. He was Sami, a reindeer herder, and he was wearing beautiful clothes made out… Read more »

The Touch of the Cook

I had soup last Friday evening, made by a street vendor in the mission district in San Francisco, and on my way home I kept asking myself why soup tastes better a day or two old, rather than just cooked. When I asked that question while I was eating my soup, the street vendor said… Read more »

The Story Of Your Food

Last week, I experienced the importance of the story in the things I am engaging and surrounding myself with. I started off with an internal debate about “self” in the context of the world. Where do I, Helge, start and where do I end? What is truly mine in this world of complete interconnectedness? What’s… Read more »