Celebrating In(ter)dependence Day


A portrait of Buddhist Retreat Center Green Gulch Farm, Muir Beach, California


Sara Tashker,

Green Gulch Farm Manager

Paul Dillon,

Farm Staff

Alan Meyer,

Farm Apprentice 2009

Joanna Letz,

Farm Apprentice 2009


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  1. Phelim Lunny


    Lovely to hear that the green gulch farm gang is doing the good work with such special skills.

    And great to see that there are local companies ready to sponsor this conversation.

    I would like to comment on the Sustainable Food News:

    it may be a good time to remove the word “natural” from the organic conversation (until such time as there is a certification process for “Natural” foods and products.)

    This word has been hijacked by marketers of conventionally and unsustainably produced food and can be seen on a wide range of eco-unfriendly products and so would seem redundant in the overall organic conversation.

    The use of this word to describe food is allowing giant retailers, especially Whole Foods, to confuse shoppers and to seriously dilute the appearance of organic and sustainably produced products available on their shelves.

    To get involved:


    Thank you.

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