Best Food for Your Best Friend


Diet & Lifestyle for Optimal Pet Health

Much like us, the well-being of a dog is dependent on food and lifestyle. Tune in this hour to discover how to evaluate commercial pet foods, how to supplement your dog's diet with whole foods from your fridge, and what other recommendations will make your companion's life as happy and healthy as possible.


Diana Laverdure,

Pet Nutritionist & Co-Author, Canine Nutrigenomics, Delray Beach, FL

Dr. Jean Dodds, DVM,

Veterinarian & Co-Author, Canine Nutrigenomics, Garden Grove, CA


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  1. Heather Panas

    What foods do you recommend feeding to an 11 year old Jack Russell Terrier with Cushings Syndrome and what foods should be avoided altogether and which ones should be fed in moderation? Thank you.

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