A Carrot is a Memory Stick

A carrot seed is less than half a millimeter in diameter; a tiny speck of dirt, dust in the wind. And yet it contains millions of years of DNA, intelligence that, once put into soil with a bit of water, turns the seed into a big, orange, healthy, nutrient rich, delicious, bioflavonoid packed, eye disease preventing vegetable. And if this is not enough, halfway through the growing cycle, the seed knows to produce carrot tops – an exceptionally efficient solar power plant that supplies the carrot with energy converted straight from sunlight through photosynthesis. During the growth from seed to carrot, the carrot collects and stores the climate data, including all environmental nuances of the region, such as soil quality, duration of sunshine, etc., so that the next generation of seeds will be better equipped and adapted than the generations of carrots that have been eaten before. A carrot is a natural memory stick. What a miracle.


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  1. Jennifer

    Your words are so beautiful 🙂 I love how you are able to see the beauty in things like this. I too am amazed by simple things like this and most people around me think I am just a weird “hippie.” Its good to know I am not alone.

    Thank you,

    Love Jennifer
    Hesperia, CA

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