For the Love of Produce



Mark Mulcahy,

Produce Expert, Radio Show Host


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  1. Barbara Comnes

    Hi Helge,

    Fun program–made me hungry to taste new things and pay more attention to familiar tastes.

    The Green City Market here in Chicago provides a wealth of tasting experiences. Twice a week when the market meets not only are the farmer-vendors offering tastes of their local produce and other products, there are also the chef demos (free!) that feature some of the best chefs in the city preparing dishes using the locally produced market products. I have been told that the chefs clamor for a spot on the program. They have changed the way we eat and cook for the better. An added benefit is the community building–the chance to meet the chefs, exchange greetings with them at encounters while shopping and when eating at their restaurants. Marin might consider trying to something similar.

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