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A Compelling Case for Veganism

An empowering discussion about how to prevent disease and cultivate lasting wellness with a plant-based diet. Vegan or vegetarian? Learn about the healthy alternatives.


Dr. Pam Popper,

Naturopath, Forks Over Knives, Columbus, OH


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  1. Jesse

    Greetings – I love the podcast… you all work so well together! I was compelled to comment on this episode because I feel it contradicted so much of what I know and I got the feeling you all felt the same way. I will start with the simplest but maybe the most confounding question – “No oil?” Did Dr. Popper mean “oils” or the foods that contain them? The reason I start with this question despite the fact that I have so many more is that when I went on the Forks Over Knives website I was confronted with a picture of a pasta salad with 3 mighty slices of avocado on top. I am pretty sure she specifically mentioned avocado as something to avoid because of the oil/fat content. I will listen to this episode again to make sure, but that one picture was worth a thousand questions. Pro-grain (inflammation)? No oils (brain food etc.)? I am so confused. I hope you get many reactions to this episode and that you speak with Dr. Popper again to clarify what I assume are many questions you also have concerning her stance. Sitarani and Helge – as vegans (and especially after the episode about coconuts) how did you integrate this into what you currently know/practice? I am open minded, and I know we have all been wrong/mislead before, but this was a true challenge for me to listen to.
    Thank you for your time – Jesse

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