Planting a Seed


Gardening Advice for the Novice

Ever wanted to start a garden but really didn’t know how? Do it this year - from windowsill to backyard, from herbs to flowers to vegetables


Derek Fell,

Author, Grow This!, Pipersville, PA



  1. Marylu

    I was just listening to your ideas for glass jars. I buy tons of candles (at Walmart) in small glass jars with seal-tight lids, so now I have tons of these jars with lids. I use them for the obvious = storage; such as herbs and spices, small items like screws, cotton swabs. There are many things you could put in them for decoration. I have also donated a box of them to our thrift stores, like Salvation Army, and they are especially appreciated around the holidays. Would love to hear if you have any other ideas for these pretty little jars.

  2. Maru

    Love this !! I’m actually working for and they also do this at their own place and thats how i’m eating now and find it more interesting by the minute…I love growing greens! so far i have basil, papaya, mint, orange…but i want to start tomatoes and anything else i can,

    Thank you!

  3. Sheetal

    I have never done gardening before want to so organic gardening.
    Need help for everything and tips tips lots of tips.

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