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Making Fermented Foods at Home

Following up on an episode with Sandor Katz, explore the world of kraut even further, learning how to make fermented foods at home. This episode will guide you through the health benefits and the process of saving fresh produce, giving you the tools to prepare you for fermentation.


Karen Diggs,

Founder, Kraut Source, San Francisco, CA



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  1. Bonnie

    I love saurkraut but I usually get it from the store and it is made with vinegar to give it a kick.
    I am afraid to try it at home although my daughter makes it as well as Kumbucha. I saw how it was done and I am afraid to drink it. If you only put water and salt you will not get the vinegar taste to it. I was always taught that anything left out on the counter had to be thrown away.

  2. Iris Chang

    Finally got time to listen to your entire conversation without technical difficulties from my PC. Great stuff. Can’t wait to get my Kraut Source Kim Chee Kit. Learned a lot from listening to you and Karen. Funny you should talk about eating kiwi with skin. I just learned that from a health and healing retreat two weeks ago! Thank you.

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