Homemade Nutrient-Dense Mineral Broth

Image: Chris Bauman, Bauman College

Image: Chris Bauman, Bauman College

Mineral broth has more body and is more nutrient dense than traditional vegetable broths because of the addition of some or all of the following Booster Foods: kombu, nutritional yeast, flax seeds, and miso.

Make your own Mineral Broth at home with this recipe from Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts school Bauman College. It’s great for a base in soups and to cook your whole grains – or to drink by itself when you’re cleansing:

Mineral Broth


2 ½ lbs winter squash and/or yams
1 large onion
1 ½ lbs green beans
1 lb greens (spinach, kale, collards, chard)
½ bunch parsley
½ cup shiitake mushrooms
1 2 inch piece kombu
¼ cup flax seeds, optional


Chop the vegetables into large 3 inch pieces, leaving the skins on. Put the squash and/or yams into a large pot until they fill the pot about halfway. Add the onion and green beans another quarter of the way up the pot. Add the leafy vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, and kombu. Cover with water by 2 inches.

Simmer for 2-4 hours, depending on how much time you have available. Remove from the heat. Strain, allow to cool, and refrigerate.

Optional: If drinking as a plain broth and not using in a soup recipe, add the optional flax seeds and simmer for up to one additional hour before straining.

For more recipes and health tips, visit Bauman College. Interested in a Juice and Mineral Broth Cleanse? Learn about Bauman College’s upcoming Vitality Retreat at Mayacamas Ranch in beautiful California Wine Country here: Bauman College’s Vitality Fasting Retreat.



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