Jasmine Tea Cranberry Cooler

This healthful and refreshing hydrator is a great summer beverage not just because it’s delicious but also because it’s good for you.


  • d-mannose promotes bladder and urinary tract health
  • quercetin can protect against the development of certain cancers, such as breast and colon


  • used aromatherapeutically as an aphrodisiac and to relieve depression and anxiety

White Tea

Green Tea

  • steamed leaf tea; high in antioxidants and may promote weight loss and brain function

To Prepare:

In a large saucepan, bring 3 cups of water to boil. Remove from heat and add 4 jasmine tea bags*. Steep for 3 minutes, and then remove bags. Add 3 cups of ice to the pot to chill the tea.

When the tea is chilled, add 1 quart unsweetened cranberry juice. Stir to combine and serve over ice.

Sweeten one cup at a time, if desired, with honey, agave nectar, or maple syrup. Alternatively, dissolve a larger quantity of sweetener in 1 cup of heated brewed tea and stir into entire batch.

(makes about 10 cups)

*Jasmine Green Tea can be found in just about any store these days, but if the potency of Green Tea doesn’t sit well with you (as is the case for 2 AOC members who get headaches from Green Tea), we love Spicely Organics Jasmine White Tea for this recipe.




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