Breast Cancer


Natural Medicine on the Road to Recovery

There is still a fairly great uncertainty as to what exactly causes breast cancer. From things that can be influenced, such as lifestyle, cosmetic use, diet, and alcohol consumption, to things that cannot be influenced, such as higher age, and a family history with breast cancer, the exact causes or the exact combination of causes that may result in breast cancer are still being researched. Regardless, over a quarter million women will get diagnosed with invasive breast cancer this year, and with that diagnosis, the long and difficult road to recovery begins. Today we are speaking with an expert about complementary treatment options and consider what additional support for a breast cancer patient may look like.


Dr. Holly Lucille, ND, RN,

Naturopathic Doctor, Los Angeles, CA


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  1. Ng

    I cured mine 10 years ago. Am 68 now and do not visit standard of care doctors any more unless a broken bone per se or emergency burn etc. Even then i do my own thing and always refuse vaccines.

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