5 Reasons to Choose Organic Bananas (vs. Conventional)

Article Courtesy of Equal Exchange

You may be thinking that the banana peel protects you from pesticides, but there’s more to it. Here are 5 reasons why buying organic matters.

1. Your Health

Even though bananas have skin, the pesticides seep into the soil, and are absorbed by the plant. Plus pesticide residue can get on your hands when you handle the banana peel.

2. Health and Safety of Farmworkers

Conventionally grown bananas are one of the most pesticide intensive crops. Some pesticides used for international banana production are not legal in the U.S. Farmworkers working on banana plantations are exposed to these noxious pesticides linked to chronic illness, birth defects, and other health problems.

Image: Eric St. Pierre for Equal Exchange

3. Environmental Impact

Pesticides used on conventional bananas seep into the soil, and run-off into water systems impacting public drinking water and aquatic life. Pesticides also lead to biodiversity loss. Chemical pesticides affect all life in their path, not just targeted pests.

Image: Leah Varjacques and Katherine Nagasawa for Equal Exchange

4. Social Impact

Power in numbers — bananas are the most purchased fruit in the U.S. Buying Organic produce sends a clear message of the demand for sustainably produced food — the more people buy organic bananas, the more companies will offer them.

Image: Gary Goodman for Equal Exchange

5. The Future

Organic and regenerative agriculture have begun to change the way we view the food we eat, and sustainable growing has the potential to mitigate some effects of climate change by storing carbon in the soil.

Image: Eric St. Pierre for Equal Exchange


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  1. Bonnie Shambeau Bryant

    I always thought I could buy regular bananas. I buy most organic fruits and vegetables. Now I will also buy organic bananas. Thank you!

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