Project: Lunch


A National Model to Improve the Food at Schools


Miguel Villarreal,

Director of Food and Nutritional Services, Novato Unified School District, Novato, CA

Judi Shils,

Executive Director, Teens Turning Green, Sausalito, CA

Scott Davidson,

School Lunch and Gleaning Program Manager, Marin Organic, Point Reyes, CA


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  1. Lee Ann Geneve

    Dear Project Lunch!
    Just recently read the fine article The”New School” Lunch in EDIBLE MARIN & WINE COUNTRY spring 2011 issue. It was inspiring.
    I am a chef with over 25 years experience and want to guide my focus towards making a difference in school food service.
    I realize that this school year is winding down however,if you know of any possible summer work or food service positions opening for the upcoming school year, please help me get started in the right direction with the right connections! Thank you!
    Lee Ann Geneve

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