They are what they eat


Local and National Efforts to Increase the Quality of School Lunches for Kids


Gail Feenstra,

Food Systems Analyst, UC Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education Program & UC Davis Agricultural Sustainability Institute.

Debra Eschmeyer,

Marketing and Media Director, National Farm to School Network.

Miguel Villarreal,

Director, Food and Nutritional Services, Novato Unified School District, District Wellness Coordinator, Public Policy & Legislative Chair, CSNA.

Scott Davidson,

Marin Organic School Lunch & Gleaning Program Manager.


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  1. Susan Krausz

    Statistics of hungry children were alarming. Inspiring to hear Scott Davidson’s say how simple it can be to put some of the pieces together; let’s make more connections in our communities like the one Marin Organic has made between school lunch programs and local farmers. Grateful that this is a national broadcast; we do inspire each other.

    Looking forward to hearing about whether or not there are any safe fish left to eat. . . safe for us and safe from us (endangered).

    Like so many, I am an animal lover. . . and, yes, it is all important; how we treat & feed ourselves, each other, our animals. I anticipate that as you address the subject of organic food for our pets you remember the ever growing population of hungry people who might be resigned to opening an occasional can of cat food. . . organic or otherwise. I have no question about the intent and spirit of the program. The thought popped into my mind the minute it came on the air, and I thought it important to share.

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