Three Easy Ways to De-stress

Limiting the amount of time you spend on email help reduce anxiety and be more productive throughout the day. Here’s how:

  • Step One: Clean your Inbox.
    There’s no reason to have 150 (or more!) unaddressed items sitting in your Inbox. The constant reminder of these open ideas and conversations can make you feel like have more to do than you can manage. Spend a couple of hours putting action around them – make a phone call to end a lengthy virtual discussion, move to-do items to a separate task list, download attachments and save them to your desktop, and file newsletters in a folder that you can read when you have the space to be creative.
  • Step Two: Implement the 2x30m Plan.
    Dedicate two-30 minute windows to work email. I like mid-morning and mid-afternoon – this gives me time to address items that need my attention in order to move forward during the day and time to respond to inquiries before the end of the day. 30 minutes. For everything. That’s it. If it’s going to take you longer than two minutes to respond, pick up the phone or add the item to your Task List. But never leave anything unread and sitting idly for your attention later. Your time (and sanity) is worth more than that.


Carry a small, flat stone in your bag or pocket. If your day gets stressful, and you need a little relief, hold the stone under hot running water until it’s warm. Pat dry, and gently place the stone at the base of your skull, moving slowly down your spine to between your shoulder blades. You can also hold the stone between your brows or over your lips. Think mini-hot stone massage. Feel your stress melt away.


The sense of smell is the gateway to the mind/body experience. If you’re having difficulty relaxing and getting to sleep, try this aromatherapy tip: Place two drops of a calming organic essential oil (like lavender, eucalyptus, orange, or clary sage) on a tissue, and place the tissue between your pillow and pillow case. Breathe deeply through your nose, and rest.

– Chef Sitarani Palomar

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