The World of Spices


History, Culture, Uses & Benefits

In this episode we celebrate the truly breathtaking world of spices, a precious commodity that has been traded for thousands of years between cultures and countries. Come on this journey with the AOC Team and explore the health benefits and culinary uses of spices.


John Chansari,

Founder, Spicely Organics, Fremont, CA


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  1. Janice Mondelli

    This was the first Podcast I’ve listened to; I really enjoyed it. I have to tell you, I left feeling very angry with my grocery store choices. I’ve been studying herbs, I think I will add Spices. I didn’t catch the man name with the Apples; but if he wants to send me one of his “cows”, I will be more than happy to introduce it in the nurseries of Jacksonville, Florida. I think it is the same apple that childhood friend’s parents grew. They were from Swedin/Main/Georgia. I never seen the apple again, and never knew it’s name – Smaller bushy tree, apple texture almost like a Autumn Pear and spotty (Grey), apples more pumpkin shaped. They were really good, crisp and sweet. They were about the size of a baseball. I really enjoyed the show, thank you.

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